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We’re a resource not only for people in need, but also for the agencies and organizations that serve them.  If you’re a service provider, use this section to learn more, add programs, manage program information, and share events to our calendar to help your organization reach further and serve more effectively.

Michigan 2-1-1 Database: A Resource for Providers

Our database holds information on thousands of health and human services agencies and programs across Michigan, allowing providers to find services for their clients, find partners for collaborative projects, identify funding opportunities, and more.

Beyond providing referrals to agencies and programs, we also submit data from more than 500,000 contacts annually to the national 2-1-1 Counts database. 2-1-1 Counts offers searchable and visualized real-time data by ZIP code, region, or call center to help agencies assess needs, evaluate expansion projects, or see the demographics of need in their communities. 

Provider Resources

Your Agency

Want to add or update your agency, program, or service to Michigan 2-1-1?

Services, locations, and organizations are being added and updated all the time. Please contact our resource team in your area to let us know you are interested in applying to be added to the database or if you need to change your agency’s current information. We’ll be in touch with you to complete the process.

Click here to see our criteria for including or excluding information in our database.

Your Agency

More Resources

Spring of 2022 we are changing to a new database! Training is being prepared and will be posted soon.
Specialized Programs
Check here for more information on state and national programs included in our database.
Michigan 2-1-1 Marketing Materials
Find brochures and other information to help share the word about Michigan 2-1-1 with your agency and clients.
MIBridges offers a streamlined way to find and apply for a wide range of benefits available to Michigan residents.

2-1-1 Counts

2-1-1 Counts provides real-time, searchable and visualized data from calls to 2-1-1 centers across the U.S. Visit 2-1-1 Counts for a snapshot of needs by ZIP code, region, or call center as recently as yesterday. 2-1-1 Counts makes it easy for service providers to check trends, compare regions, share information, and identify and plan for health and human services needs across Michigan.