Michigan 2-1-1 COVID-19 Dashboard Released

"Beta" Michigan 2-1-1 COVID-19 dashboard represents the collective effort of all seven 2-1-1 Center Regions in the State of Michigan. It provides information on Centers' connections (via phone, text, chat, email, or other) with individuals seeking general information related to the coronavirus COVID-19, expressed interest in volunteer opportunities and/or needs as a result of COVID-19 (ex: employment, school, program closures, etc.).

As it is with many other local, state and federal systems adjusting and responding to the pandemic, a large number of organizations in our 2-1-1 Resources Database are experiencing changes in the way services are delivered in Michigan (ex: change in hours, location, even closure). As Michigan 2-1-1 continues to work with regional 2-1-1 centers to adjust to programmatic changes in the community, our reporting on 2-1-1 connections, identified needs, and resolution (met and unmet needs) may also change. Michigan 2-1-1 will continue to work on future iterations of the dashboard, incorporating other forms of connections, including self-service connections through our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and texting. In the coming days, we will also be adding information on definitions to provide additional context to various 2-1-1 measures used in this dashboard.

Michigan 2-1-1 hopes this information contributes to the many parts of the COVID-19 conversation, planning and response efforts communities and organizations are implementing throughout Michigan.

Click here for the dashboard: https://tinyurl.com/rz8m7vd

For press inquiries please contact Hassan Hammoud at hassan.hammoud@mi211.org and for technical questions please contact Gustavo Rotondaro at gustavo.rotondaro@mi211.org.