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Make it easier to access and share your favorite resources by creating an account. 

Why setup an account?

  • Allows you to create multiple lists and save resources to one or more lists. 
  • Allows you to email saved lists to yourself or other people. 
  • Allows you to text saved lists to yourself or other people who have smart phones. 

Create an account

Privacy and security are important to us so when creating an account entering your organization’s name and phone number is optional however helpful to Michigan 2-1-1 to determine website usage and regional needs. Your name will be added to the message when you send your Favorite lists by email or text to a friend or family member.


Once you have created an account you will be able to log in and create lists of resource favorites that can be emailed or texted to others.

If you do not want to work with your Favorites list you can log out.


When you select "View Favorites Lists" you are able to choose the list you want to work with or create new lists. You are able to Print resources or Share by email or text.


Want to email a Favorites Lists? Enter an email address in the box and click the EMAIL LIST button.

Want to text a Favorites Lists? Enter a phone number that has text capabilities in the box and click the SEND SMS button. 

Your name will be displayed in the email or texting of favorites list.